Attack On Geek (formerly known as The Vanguard) is a brand dedicated to featuring and sharing pop culture, gaming, technology and entertainment related content both new and old, in attempt to foster renewed interest, new friendships, community engagement and integration within the geek community. Its primary goal is to provide a hub for education, information, interactivity and a place for fans to connect with other like-minded people, regardless of their level of interest and experience.

The brand is owned and operated by Dhayana Sena (@MissDeusGeek), a PR/social media marketing professional and content creator, with a long time history of being a technology, comics, anime, gaming and pop culture aficionado.

Attack On Geek has steadily grown from its days as a personal blog and now encompasses various activities including acting as a lifestyle brand to promote entertainment and engagement via video-game broadcasting and streaming, as well as a regular podcast/ web-show.