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Acer Predator at PAX Australia 2017 Media Session

At PAX Australia 2017, I got to have a look at the new Acer Predator Triton 700 gaming laptop and Orion 9000 gaming desktop.

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The Triton 700 gaming laptop looked very different to gaming laptops I have seen in the past. The laptop was a bit of a beast with crystal clear graphics that allowed me to have a pretty fun experience playing Project Cars 2, which looked as good as it does on console. The laptop is fully customisable for those who enjoy having RGB lightning and is rather unique in that the mouse trackpad sits at the top of the keyboard instead of its more traditional location by the bottom, underneath the keyboard. The main attraction though is the fact that despite being immensely powerful, it was incredibly light.

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Following the laptop, I checked out the Acer Predator Orion 9000, an RGB-laden beast of a desktop, with an 18-core, quad-GPU and a mass of upgradability for gamers to customise any way they like. The desktop looked incredibly huge and came fully equipped with handles and wheels, though even then it didn’t look like a desktop that would actually be moved around a lot. I certainly wouldn’t out of fear of potentially hurting myself.

Due to being out of the PC gaming scene for more than a decade, I had only ever experienced the Acer brand for their monitors way back in the day. It was actually really great to see how far PC technology has come, especially when it comes with gaming laptops, which I’m still blown away by how thin and light some can be.

Acer Predator

[Side note: My experience checking out the Acer Predator range was made even better when a Predator cosplayer showed up beside the stand! Highlight of my day that was!]

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