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Destiny 2 – Festival of the Lost Trailer

Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost fills the Tower with delight — as memories good and bittersweet fill our hearts. Guardians wear masks to laugh in the face of adversity. But even with the Tower lit by spooky violet candles, there’s always something scary lurking just out of sight.

Morale in the Tower is low after the fall of a legend: Cayde-6. This year, death has not passed us, it has come to stay. More than ever, it’s important to remember loved ones who have fallen, and to celebrate the fact that we have lived to fight on in their honour. Every Guardian is invited to experience the masquerade.

Survive the all-new Haunted Forest and earn themed rewards including Masks, Sparrows, Emotes, the Horror Story Auto Rifle and much more.

Festival of the Lost begins on Wednesday October 17th at 6 AM NZDT, and concludes on Wednesday November 7th at 6 AM NZDT.

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