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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep First Impressions

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

It has only been a few days since the (slightly rocky) launch of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Shadowkeep. This content drop means many different things for different players. For some, it means new content, new lore, interesting secrets, and a new raid. For others, it means getting their hands on the game for the first time with the release of New Light, the new Free-To-Play access for all of Destiny 2’s year one content. I had the chance to take some time off from work and really dive into the new expansion to see what dark things await us on the moon. Overall I’ve been having a really excellent time playing and am looking forward to seeing what else the Season of the Undying will bring. 

The narrative of Shadowkeep is actually pretty short. For returning players, making your way through the campaign shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours depending on how efficient you are with some of the open world sections. It’s the structured missions, though, that really stand out. Some amazing visuals, an all out ground war, deep diving into hive crypts and more. I enjoyed every inch of the story and I’m sure many returning players will as well. 


The new Nightmare Hunt activities are very fun as well. Think of them like mini-strikes with upgraded versions of old bosses as the endgame. Bungie has already said that we will be seeing more of these with increasing difficulty as the season progresses so the potential variety with these activities is going to be fun. I would have loved to have seen some specific loot drops for these activities but unfortunately that is not the case. 


Loot is actually one of my biggest gripes so far. The Moon does have its own set of armor and weapons, but every drop is tied to a quest with no new random loot tables introduced for the new season. Needless to say, the irony was not lost on having my first legendary of the season drop as an Edge Transit. Thankfully, with the new Armor 2.0, you can make any legendary piece of armor look like any of your previously acquired Eververse gear so the fashion game here is strong. 

All in all, I’m very excited for what Bungie has in store for the rest of the season. There’s still much more to see and experience between the new raid, new missions, and new activities that are being unlocked as the season progresses. Until then, whether you’ve ever picked up Destiny 2 or not, now is an amazing time to jump in and see what Bungie has created. Eyes up!

Guest reviewed by TyFighter, a Mixer partnered streamer and content creator with a strong interest in Destiny 2 and Borderlands. Check out his streams for some more interesting reviews, content and gaming knowledge galore.

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