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Obsidian Entertainment Introduces Halcyon with a new trailer for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Halycon

Obsidian Entertainment beckons spacefaring colonists to Halcyon with a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi RPG, The Outer Worlds.

The corporate propaganda style video gives players a completely non-biased look at the Halcyon colony with a preview of Terra 2 and Monarch.

In addition to showing off Monarch, the good folks at Obsidian gave us a look at all the very tame and the definitely not dangerous wildlife that inhabits the moon of Monarch. Not only did they show off the majestic landscapes and cities you’ll be traversing, but the gracious gals and guys at your favourite, not owned by any corporation studio, gave insight into how we as a people can help the colony.

Whether we take on the role as a person of the sciences or a mere laborer who enjoys working with our hands, there is a place for everyone in Halcyon. We were also shown several ways we can advance ourselves, through sharpening our reflexes or upgrading our strength they even give us the opportunity to practice our social skills. But, that’s not all, if we suffer from a fear of mechanical machinations, heights or suffer from cursed condition of permanent concussions, there is a health care plan out there for you.

If a series of unfortunate events were to occur, we have a few weapons from the shooty bang-bang type, to the stabby stabs available to us.

We’ll be able to exit cryo-sleep and join our corporate friends and allies on October 15th on PS4, PC and Xbox. A Switch port is well underway and will available sometime after launch.

Additionally if you’re subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you can play it day one on Xbox and PC.

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