Hyperkin Gaming Hardware Will Be Coming To New Zealand

Hyperkin, a Los Angeles-based gaming hardware development company, yesterday announced that it’s products will be available and distributed in New Zealand through a partnership with Play Distribution, a New Zealand-based business. Play Distribution, the New Zealand distributor of popular gaming and pop culture brands such as DX Racer, Nyko, Roccat and Loungefly, displays experience and strong industry confidence, built on the owner’s 20-year career in supply, distribution and retail.

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“The innovation and excellence Hyperkin has shown in their products from conception to development aligns perfectly with how we feel and operate at Play Distribution,” said Play Distribution Sales and Marketing Executive, Michael Gush. “At Play Distribution we are extremely excited to bring such outstanding products to showcase in New Zealand.”

Hyperkin understands that playing video games has been a universal pastime and they are glad they now have a viable distribution channel to New Zealand gamers.

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About Hyperkin

Hyperkin’s recent product line includes the X91, an officially Xbox-licensed retro-style controller for the Xbox One (which I, personally love the look of); the SupaBoy S, a portable console for Super Nintendo and Super Famicom cartridges (which Tom, as a Nintendo fan boy has been desperate to get his hands on); the SmartBoy, a mobile attachment device that plays Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges on Android smartphones; and the RetroN HD, a high definition gaming console that plays NES cartridges in beautiful 720p HD (a retro gamer’s dream console).

As retro gaming fans, we at Attack On Geek are extremely excited to finally have Hyperkin’s array of products within reach in New Zealand.

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