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F1’s Lewis Hamilton To Provide In-Game Advice in GT Sport

Lewis Hamilton

Following the release of Gran Turismo Sport (“GT Sport”) on PlayStation 4, PlayStation has revealed that Gran Turismo and popular British Formula 1 race-car driver, Lewis Hamilton, will be joining forces in the latest iteration of the video game franchise, GT Sport.

Hamilton will be appearing in the game as a mentor to share his racing wisdom with players from around the world to help them improve their driving technique.

Hamilton will reveal his driving philosophy and techniques through driving images and interviews for players of GT Sport, providing valuable advice to many players who strive to be as fast and strong as Hamilton himself.

“From watching Lewis drive on TV all these years, I had an idea of how he might drive, but the experience of watching him drive in person was well beyond my wildest expectations. And I’m really glad to be able to share his driving and philosophy with the players in Gran Turismo.” – Kazunori Yamauchi

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