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The Logitech G413 Mechanical Backlit Keyboard (Carbon) Review


Choosing the right gaming keyboard can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many brands, sizes and varieties to choose from. Thanks to Logitech G, we were given the opportunity to test out the Logitech G413 mechanical backlit keyboard (“G413”), a mid-range gaming keyboard that is reasonably priced and offer a smooth, no fuss, user experience.

The G413 keyboard comes with a sleek, sturdy and polished design, which gives it a rather professional look. Available in carbon (black base with red lighting) and silver (silver base with white lighting) and including a brushed aluminium design,  the G413 is one of the best looking gaming keyboards I’ve seen in its price range. I was given the carbon keyboard, which comes with red backlighting, to use and I absolutely loved it.

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As someone new to the PC gaming world, and unfamiliar with the differences in gaming peripheral specifications and technical details, the G413 made sense to me and felt comfortable to use. The keyboard layout is standard, with a full set of keys including a number pad. There aren’t any additional media keys to over-complicate the layout, which came in handy. Instead, the function keys possess dual functions to allow for backlight adjustment, game modes, pausing, stopping, rewinding and the like.

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What I really enjoyed about the G413 is that it remained in its place despite aggressive usage. I noticed that my typing was a little more aggressive on the G413 due to the mechanical keys, which is fine as the keys can certainly handle it and the G413 also come included with a set of extra keys.

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The G413 utilises Logitech’s own Romer-G switches which offers the perfect combo of smooth responsiveness, comfort and those typewriter-like clacky noises that some may either find soothing or infuriating. This combination made this keyboard not only comfortable to game on but also for ordinary work, which I actually used the G413 more for (I’m very new to PC Gaming).

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Whilst the G413 can be used immediately upon plugging in via USB, it is recommended that users download the Logitech Gaming Software prior to using the keyboard as it allows users to add gaming profiles, macros as well as identify gaming habits using heat-mapping, which is pretty cool.

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The only thing that is missing is the ability to customise the backlight colours. If you’re hell bent on RGB colours, the G413 may not be for you. Nevertheless, the G413 is an extremely solid all-rounder keyboard, which is not only sturdy and eye-catching but also one that can be used both professionally and for gaming. With a price point of $159.99NZD and $85USD, the Logitech G413 mechanical backlit keyboard definitely gives you more bang for your buck.


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