Nathan Fillion Uncharted

Nathan Fillion Is Nathan Drake In Uncharted Fan Made Film

Move aside Tom Holland, Nathan Fillion is the real Nathan Drake.

Since the Uncharted games first released, fans the world over had clamoured for a big screen adaptation, with many citing that Firefly and Castle alum, Nathan Fillion, would be the perfect actor to take on the role of the charming yet witty, Nathan Drake.

Over the past few years there have been numerous rumours about an Uncharted film and recently rumours started to spread that Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, had been cast as the leading role.

Though exciting, many fans, myself included, still feel that Drake should be played by Fillion, the only man who’s perfectly suited for the role.

Looks like I’m definitely not alone in feeling that way as today, Uncharted fans’ dream casting has come true with Nathan Fillion, himself, tweeting a 15 minute long fan-made film, which saw Fillion prove that he was the best man for the job.

“Thank you, @Allan_Ungar, for letting us all scratch this itch. Thank you fans, you know who you are. Enjoy,” he wrote in the tweet.

Check out the fan-made Uncharted film starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake below.

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