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Sea of Thieves Announces Dark Relics Content Update

Sea of Thieves Dark Relics


This morning Rare Ltd have announced the release of their latest free content update for Sea of Thieves, called Dark Relics, and divulged more details on its monthly update cadence.

Starting with July’s Black Powder Stashes update and continuing with today’s release of Dark Relics, Rare Ltd will be releasing new content for free to its players on the second Wednesday of each month, making for a predictable stream of new content to enjoy.

The updates will vary in size and scope, however the goal is to become more open and predictable in how content and updates are delivered to players.

This month, dark times have arrived on the Sea of Thieves, as skeletons have stolen several dangerous artefacts from The Order of Souls – the aptly-named Dark Relics!

Check out the official announcement here.

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