Razer Kaira X

Razer Kaira X Wired Headphones Review

When looking for a new headset that pairs well with the next generation of Xbox consoles, the Razer Kaira X comes to mind. Thanks to Razer, we were able to try out the wired headset, which is said to be made specifically for the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

According to its official page on the Razer website, the Kaira X boasts power, clarity and comfort, featuring Trifoce 50mm drivers and a Hyperclear Cardioid mic. Now if you’re like me, you’ll probably have no idea what any of that means, so let’s break it down. 

The Triforce headphone drivers are, effectively, slightly differently designed drivers. A standard headphone driver has single generic tuning ports in the headset, meaning all high, mids and low frequency sounds pass through them. The Triforce drivers are broken down into three sections and can tune highs, mids and lows separately. This allows basses to sound deeper and clearer with more natural mid ranges as well as brighter and crisper trebles. 

Razer Kaira X

A lot of the jargon on the website went straight over my head, so I just plugged the headset in to my Series X console and took it  for a test drive. And yes, the headset does sound nice. Unfortunately, though, I’m not an audiophile so it’s really hard to gauge where this headset sits on the spectrum. The sound came through crisp and clear but it didn’t feel any different to other headsets I’ve worn.

When it comes to the attached mic, the Hyperclear Cardioid mi, is similar to the ones used by Razer sponsored esports teams. A cardioid mic is one that has a heart shaped ‘pick-up’ area. The mic will easily pick things up in front of it, while reducing the pick up of things behind it. This is one of the better pick up patterns a mic can have as it picks up your voice while reducing the sound of your keyboard and mouse (or Xbox controller). When using it, it worked as written on the box, my voice came through crystal clear and you couldn’t hear my controller.

However, as clear as the mic was, it was a little distracting when I didn’t need to use it. Being a mic that can’t be detached nor is it retractable, there’s no way to keep the mic away. This includes being unable to flip it up away from your face too.

Razer Kaira X

Design wise, the Razer Kaira X looks just like any other headset, and to be fair, it definitely feels that way. The design looks similar to nearly every other Razer headset. Though, unlike a few Razer headsets we’ve tried in the past, the material that the Kaira X was made from certainly felt a little lacking. While giving the headset an overall lightweight feel, the plastic that the headset is made out of does feel a bit cheap and I’m worried I could break it without too much effort. Beyond that though, there’s not much else I can find fault with when it comes to the design and material of the headset.

The earcups are made with a breathable material, which I always prefer over the leather like material. The specs mention that the ear cushions are made with memory foam for additional comfort, however after a couple of hours use, my ears were sore from the pressure the headset was applying to them. Comparatively, I use my main headset nearly 5 hours plus a day without any issues.

This could just be a preference issue though as Dhayana used the headset for a couple of hours and didn’t feel any discomfort. Probably because her ears are smaller than mine. 

When it comes to the controls, you have your typical volume and mic mute controls on the rear of the left ear cup. That’s it. There aren’t any other features or customisation for the headset or the audio. 

Razer Kaira X

It’s important to note that while this particular Razer Kaira X is made specifically for the Xbox Series X|S console, the headset is compatible with anything that has a 3.5mm port. This means that it should work with your Xbox One, Windows PC and even PS4 consoles too. 

Another gripe I had with this headset, which is no fault of the headset in particular is that it’s wired. With so many gadgets these days and multiple wires running everywhere, I much prefer wireless peripherals to help aid in my cable management as well as keeping my gaming space as tidy and wire free as possible. If you’re like me and prefer a wired headset, I would recommend upgrading to the wireless Razer Opus or Barracuda headsets. 

Ultimately, the Razer Kaira X comes across as a great entry level headset, ideal as a new gamer’s first headset. Got a little brother or sister who’s venturing into gaming? This headset will no doubt suit them perfectly.

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