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Swords of Ditto Review

If The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Rogue Legacy ever got together and “made a game”, Swords of Ditto would be the result. Here’s Tom’s review. 

  • A legendary child of prophecy.
  • A magic sword.
  • 5 days before the end of the world.
  • An evil wizard.
  • A metroidvania styled overworld where you need certain items to progress.
  • Puzzle-like dungeons with a boss at the end containing said items.

While it might sound like I’m describing the next The Legend of Zelda game, I’m actually talking about Onebitbeyond’s Swords of Ditto (published by Devolver Digital). Even the game itself is well aware of the similarities between these two games.   

Swords of Ditto is a top-down, action RPG wherein you play as the titular Sword of Ditto, a child who can wield the legendary sword and you have 5 days to beat the big bad of the game, Mormo, an evil wizard who has thrown the Island of Ditto into darkness.

The story starts with your character waking up and being told they are the next Sword of Ditto by a spectral dung beetle, Puku, who quickly rushes you off to your first (and final) confrontation with the evil Mormo. As expected, Mormo makes short work of your character and they abruptly meet their doom. 100 years of darkness pass and the new Sword of Ditto is awoken by Puku, hopefully this time you can beat Mormo.

Swords of Ditto gameplay is rather simple at its core. You go around the over-world completing dungeons, collecting items, leveling up and doing the odd side quest. The combat is your standard hack-n-slash and dodge roll away while mixing in different items you have picked up along the way. If you’ve played and enjoyed any of the handheld The Legend of Zelda games you’ll feel right at home.

A nice touch to the game is that when you do end up kicking the bucket and another 100 years pass before the next Sword of Ditto is awoken, you don’t return to the same over-world you previously explored. It’s been 100 years. Things have changed for good or worse. That town your second Sword of Ditto saved from a monster attack? It’s doing great. That village you died trying to save… well… the same can’t be said there.

I do love the art style of this game. It feels like I’m watching a cartoon and the chirpy, kazoo filled music continues to add to this feeling. I’m also in love with all the different merchants you find throughout this game. My personal favourite is Cave Cat 

swords of ditto

Do I need to say any more?

Oct is a close second. 

Now, while Swords of Ditto doesn’t bring anything new to the genre, I would still recommend this game to fans of The Legend of Zelda and even Adventure Time. It’s a great stepping stone game for people looking to get into action RPGs.

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