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Attack On Geek & PriceSpy Competition

Price Spy

When a brand new game is released or when you’re looking to buy new technology, gaming hardware or gear, it can be rather frustrating and disheartening when you find the product cheaper elsewhere AFTER you’ve bought it.

We’ve all been there; and this applies to products in any category, not just gaming and technology.

Thankfully, in New Zealand, there’s an effective way to keep track of prices at a variety of stores. PriceSpy is New Zealand’s biggest comprehensive, fully impartial price and product comparison service that aims to help consumers shop smartly and save money.

PriceSpy can be downloaded for free via a handy app.  The app provides instant access to thousands of indexed prices, over a million products and product features, as well as hundreds of thousands of product and shop ratings, allowing you to make informed purchase decisions.

I won’t lie. I’m always looking for a good deal when buying games and gear for my streams and so I personally use PriceSpy as my go-to price comparison app. I use it not only to find out which store offers the cheapest price, but also as a tool for when my favourite stores offer to beat their competitor’s prices. In fact, I recall Tom using PriceSpy to offer his customers the best possible price when he was working in retail.

PriceSpy App Features

The PriceSpy app is simple to use and provides a wealth of information. Users are able to search and compare prices simply by searching by product features, popularity, brand, price, user reviews and much more. The app also allows shoppers to click on the price and popularity history of a particular product they are looking to buy, to reveal whether shops are offering the item at the best price possible.

What’s especially useful, is you also have the ability to create price change notifications. These send push notifications direct to your phone, so that if the price of the item you are looking to buy changes, you’ll know right away.

Check out the PriceSpy app before buying those $100 NZD new release games. You might just save yourself a pretty penny.

PriceSpy Giveaway

We’ve teamed up with PriceSpy to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to win PriceSpy’s two most popular games in April 2018:  God of War and Far Cry 5.

To enter this giveaway, follow the instructions set out on this link:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Eligibility: Giveaway is open to New Zealand residents only.
  • Giveaway period: 14th May to 27th May. Winner announced on 28th May.
  • Prize: 1x copy of God of War (PS4) and Far Cry 5 (on your console of choice)
  • Winner selection: We love to give back to our biggest supporters so the winner will be selected based on participation history and support of Attack On Geek’s activities and community.
  • Once the winner has been drawn, Attack on Geek will be in touch to find out what platform the winner prefers the games to be on.



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