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Destiny Will Be Rewritten This December With DC’s 2018 Crossover Event: Elseworlds


Taking place over three epic nights, the annual DC crossover event – this year named Elseworlds – will see the cast of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl cross over in an almighty adventure.

While plot details for the upcoming crossover event remain under wraps, we know that the event will bring Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl to Gotham City where they will meet Nora Fries – the wife of Batman villain, Mr. Freeze – who is set to be played by Stephen Amell’s wife, Cassandra Jean Amell.

Other character announcements in the crossover event include the highly anticipated arrival of Batwoman, the first leading LGBT superhero (played by Australian actress, Ruby Rose), Clark Kent’s love interest, Lois Lane (played by Elizabeth ‘Bitsie’ Tulloch), and the return of Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent/ Superman.

Early indications show that Grant Gustin and Steven Amell may get an opportunity to walk in each other’s shoes as The Flash and Green Arrow switch places – proving that this event will have more crossover than ever before!

Catch the three part event on SKY 5:

Monday, 17 December at 6pm

Tuesday, 18 December at 6pm

Wednesday, 19 December at 6pm


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