Deadpool 2 Gets An Earlier Release Date; New Mutants Delayed

Deadpool 2 will be gracing our screens earlier than expected and will release in theaters on May 18th instead of the original release date of June 1st.

May is looking to be a month jam-packed with fantastic releases. Not only is Avengers Infinity War set to release on the 4th but the upcoming Star Wars Han Solo spin-off film is also slated for release in May too.

However, while Deadpool 2’s release date has been pushed up, a number of other Fox titles have suffered a delay, with Gambit now being slated to release on 7th June 2019, after losing its director this morning, and New Mutants, the X-Men horror spin-off, is now set for a February 2019 release instead of an April 2018 release.

Well, at least we get more Deadpool soon!

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