Disney Pixar’s Coco – A Spoiler Free Review

It’s been a while since we’ve been graced with the Disney Pixar magic, with Cars 3 being the last Pixar film to debut on the big screen in June last year. Thankfully, the bright and colourful Coco was released on Boxing Day, bringing with it culture, history, music and a whole lot of joy for the whole family.

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Coco is an animated fantasy musical which tells the tale of 12 year old Miguel Rivera, a passionate musician, who unfortunately, comes from a family of shoe-makers who have banned all music from their lives. Unable to play any kind of music, Miguel attempts to compete in a musical competition in order to prove how wonderful music is to his family. However, misfortune befalls him as he passes through to the afterlife and must convince his ancestors to give him their blessing to return home.

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The film incorporates the winning ‘Disney’ formula of bringing together magnificent visuals, a beautiful soundtrack and a heart-warming narrative, creating a wonderful feeling of warmth when watching the film.

The narrative is inspiring, fun and entertaining. Miguel and his story will make you both laugh and cry, making for an enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed regardless of age.

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As for the aesthetics of the film? I’d never imagined the Mexican culture to be so bright, stunning and just so full of life, even in death. The Día de los Muertos (‘Day of the Dead’) festival was illustrated so brilliantly, and showed off just how important and special the festival is.

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Music, of course, is the staple ingredient in this film. The original tracks made specifically for the film features throughout and is enchanting. Without the music, I’m not too sure if I would enjoy the film as much.

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Coco is a magical tale about family bonds, passions and pursuing one’s dreams, regardless of others’ opinions. The film carries with it an important message that is important to all those with a passion for something greater. Disney Pixar has certainly made a fantastic family film for the Christmas holidays. I highly recommend it.




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