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HBO Shows Off Armoured Panda in the Newest Trailer for His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials

HBO has revealed a new trailer for the first season of the new upcoming epic, His Dark Materials, based on the bestselling trilogy of the same name written by Philip Pullman.

The series is set in an alternate reality not too dissimilar to the industrial age London, where humans have talking companions, called deamons, who also act as vessels for the souls of their owners.

The first season sees Logan actress, Dafne Keene, trying to unravel the mystery behind disappearing children, and the sudden departure of her uncle, Lord Asriel, played by James McAvoy, with the aid of an armoured polar bear.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruth Wilson are playing the roles of Lee Scoresby and Mrs Coulter respectively.

This is the second attempt to bring the trilogy to the screen. The Golden Compass, a film adaption of the first book came to cinemas in 2007 with Daniel Craig as Asriel and Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter. The film scored a critic rating of 43% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The collaborative effort from HBO and BBC is due to air worldwide on HBO this fall with the BBC handling the UK release.

by Luke Hancock.

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