JBL Quantum 300

JBL Quantum 300 Review

JBL’s Quantum series of headsets have been a game changer in the gaming headset market since their debut. With a range delivering on various needs, there’s a headset for every type of gamer.

The JBL Quantum 300 (“Quantum 300”) is a mid-level gaming headset that is an all rounder that won’t set you back too much. Compatible with most platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC, the Quantum 300 is an affordable headset that’s perfect for casual gamers or those just starting out but wanting something built to last.


JBL Quantum 300

The headset comes in a sleek matte black colour and is built with solid plastic that feels lightweight yet sturdy. A wired headset, the Quantum 300 comes attached with a standard 3.5mm jack, as well as a 3.5mm jack to USB converter cable for USB connectivity. 

The overall design of the headset is nothing too outrageous and is in keeping with JBL Quantum’s general style. The ear cups are able to be swiveled around for easy storage (i.e lying flat), which is always a nice touch for those of us that keep our headset dust free in drawers. 

There’s also an attached directional boom mic that can be flipped up or down to perform audio chat. However, unlike some other headsets, this particular headset only has one button function on the headset itself: the volume dial.

While a common feature on most headsets, the volume dial on the Quantum 300 was actually quite a struggle to use, behind at the back of the headset in a position that isn’t very easy to get to. I found myself having to search for the volume dial when trying to adjust the headset volume while gaming, which was quite frustrating but certainly not a deal breaker as it would simply take some getting used to.

Comfort & Use

Affordability isn’t the only notable quality of the Quantum 300. The headset connectivity is so easy to use, with a simple plug and play using the 3.5mm jack or USB converter cable. 

Upon putting the headset on, though, was when I started to feel a little concerned. Whilst the ear cups sat flush against my ear (perhaps almost too flush) due to the extra padding around each cup, the headband cushion felt rather lacking. Adjusting the headband to allow more room didn’t help as the headset became too loose but having the headband sit properly on my head actually hurt after a few hours of gaming. So far, that’s been my one real gripe with the headset. The headband could really use some more cushioning or perhaps a balance in the cushioning between the headband and ear cups is required.

When wearing the headset, I just found it a little too tight, something I’ve never had a real issue with in the past. Perhaps during this very long lockdown, my head grew a few inches (as with my entire body sadly :/). 

Perhaps having a tight headset isn’t all that bad, given that it won’t get knocked off easily and the ear cups sitting so firmly on my ears meant that there was significant noise reduction of the environment around me. This almost felt like it was adding to the immersiveness of the surround sound features of the headset, which did sound really crisp. 

When it comes to the attached boom mic, usage was once again so easy that you really didn’t need instructions. Flipping up the boom mic turns the audio off, while flipping it down allows you to seamlessly return to your audio chat. There’s even a small click sound to alert you that you’ve flipped your mic on or off. 

Sound quality

The one thing I can never fault JBL with is the quality of their sound. Having tried the JBL Quantum 600 in the past, the Quantum 300 sounded just as good. The immersiveness of the sound is made deeper and more profound. This must be due to 50mm dynamic drivers that the headset packs. 

Another benefit to this headset is that the features and sound quality can be adjusted to suit your needs through the JBL QuantumENGINE. This is software that allows you to adjust the sound settings of your headset, along with an equaliser and mic settings. The only thing to note though, is that this software only works on PC. 


JBL Quantum 300

Ultimately the JBL Quantum 300 is the perfect mid-level headset for anyone wanting to experience great audio without breaking the bank. With it’s easy to use features and connectivity across multiple devices, the headset makes for the perfect one stop shop for your audio needs. Of course, it helps that it’s affordable as well.

Just, make sure to take off the headset every couple of hours to let your head breathe.

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