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MSI Introduces Human Machine Interface into Gaming PC

HMI Gaming System


Based on the success found in the high-end desktop market, MSI launched two more flagship products at CES this year, the MEG Aegis Ti5 gaming desktop and the MEG381CQR curved gaming monitor.

The Aegis Ti5 and MEG381CQR not only have the highest level of hardware specifications currently on the market but also come with the HMI (Human Machine Interface) design that is popular in the automotive industry – with the Aegis Ti5 Desktop also touting 5G networking connectivity. While other major brands are still specializing in system performance, MSI has introduced the HMI concept into product design. Through the MCU (MSI Commander Unit) technology developed exclusively by MSI, Aegis Ti5 and MEG381CQR can display real-time system information on the LCD in front of the system. With the intuitive knob design, players can quickly optimize the system performance and enjoy the excellent gaming experience brought by high-end systems.

MSI Aegis Ti5 is equipped with 5G networking, allowing you to extend your freedom to game with the blazing fast performance that only 5G telecommunications offers – it’s time to kiss your ethernet cables goodbye. The Aegis Ti5 comes kitted with the latest Intel Core i9 processors and up to MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics. With MSI’s exclusive Silent Storm Cooling 4 cooling, running at 3A isn’t a difficult task. Players get to enjoy supreme fluency and in-game screen immersion with the Optix MEG381CQR 38-inch 2300R IPS curved monitor, 21: 9 screen ratio with 144Hz, and 1ms screen response time.

A High End Desktop Brand That Keeps Growing

MSI became the only high-end desktop brand ($1500, Intel K CPU + RTX2060 and above) that is growing according to the latest IDC data. For five years since 2014, MSI has been deeply cultivating and developing gaming desktops. In the past two years, MSI’s focus on the high-end market has been successful with the Trident X Plus series, Infinite X Plus, as well as the recently showcased Aegis Ti5 at CES 2020.

The MSI Trident X Plus has also won this year’s EHA Best Gaming Desktop and COMPUTEX Best Choice, further establishing MSI’s reputation for high-end desktops. It can also be seen from the data that high-end desktops are moving towards miniaturization. The growth momentum of Mini-Towers above $ 1,000 is significantly higher than the overall growth. Thus, major brands are actively investing in this niche market. Among them, MSI’s compact desktop is the most mature. Not only are mini gaming desktops such as Aegis Ti5 and Trident X available for gamers, but there’s also the Prestige P100 dedicated for content creators. MSI’s overall product planning (including creators and e-sports), small-scale design products have accounted for 80%.

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