My First Gaming Convention: PAX Australia 2016 (Part 1)

Hardcore gamers, technology enthusiasts and those heavily involved in the gaming and technology industry should be familiar with PAX (short form for the Penny Arcade Expo), an annual video games convention held in Australia.

Held across three days over a weekend in late October – early November, PAX features the latest and greatest in gaming from cool new games to amazing hardware developments. It is here that the creme de la creme of gaming showcase what’s new and upcoming.

With some heavy hitters in attendance this year such as Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Intel, Razer, Asus, Plantronics and many more as well as exciting panels that will cover eSports, League of Legends, Twitch streaming and more, this convention is bound to be exhilarating to fans.

This year, I was invited to attend PAX Australia to cover the event for this site, which is an incredible opportunity! I am hoping to post some live videos and photos of the event on my social channels to show you what the convention is like.

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