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Xbox’s Phil Spencer Says “Gaming Must Promote and Protect the Safety of All”

Xbox Gaming Must Protect Everyone

This morning, Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer published an opinion article, in which, he shares his vision and commitment to tackling toxicity, safety and inclusivity within gaming, while calling upon the gaming industry to take responsibility. For those of you who are not aware, it is this commitment that makes us, at Attack On Geek, proud Xbox ambassadors who love Microsoft and the Xbox brand profoundly. 

In his article, Spencer argues that creating a safe environment is the only way to achieve gaming’s full potential as one of society’s great unifying forces. He further notes that it is up to the industry to come together to make this a reality. He also outlines the principles and recent updates, which directly aim to improve the safety of all gamers, including:

  • New Community Standards for Xbox – which makes it easier for gamers to understand what kind of behavior is acceptable on Xbox Live and what is not, and how they can positively contribute to the global Xbox community to ensure that everyone can have fun.
  • By the end of 2019, Xbox will roll out new content moderation experiences to everyone on Xbox Live to help create safe spaces for fans to discuss their favorite games.
  • Xbox will engage the 150,000 Xbox Ambassadors to embark on new community missions to create an inviting and safe environment for all gamers.
  • A new “For Everyone” page on, where parents, guardians and gamers can learn about Xbox inclusivity, accessibility and safety features, including family settings.

You can read Spencer’s full opinion piece published on the official Microsoft Blog here or read the version published on Xbox Wire, which further discusses the social and health benefits that gaming brings.

Thank you Phil Spencer, Xbox and Microsoft, for your continued commitment to encourage safe, inclusive and accessible gaming to all.

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