Halo Anniversary

Xbox Celebrates Halo’s 20th Anniversary With Powerful Display Of Australian Culture & Representation


Earlier this morning Xbox celebrated its 20th anniversary with an exciting event streamed around the world.

To celebrate 20 years of Xbox globally and its iconic game franchise, Halo, Xbox partnered with The Sydney Youth Orchestra and Paul Glass, Kamilaroi Man, to produce a uniquely Australian performance inspired by the music and visuals featured in the Halo series.

Appearing in the global Xbox anniversary stream, the orchestral segment took place in the Royal Botanical Gardens on Gadigal Land, with Sydney Harbour as a backdrop. Set at dusk, key lighting and visual effects showcased the epic feel and aesthetic of Halo. The performance was a celebration of the series, Xbox and, a showcase of young Australian musical talent.

Mia Patoulios, Chief Executive Officer for Sydney Youth Orchestras, said “Sydney Youth Orchestras and Xbox ANZ have been in talks for some time now, and it feels great to finally get the chance to work together on such a momentous occasion for the brand.”

“It’s hard to believe that we’ve already experienced 20 years of Xbox and Halo, and we can’t wait to share this unique performance with Australia and the rest of the world during the 20th Anniversary Event.”

Tania Chee, Xbox Business Lead for ANZ, said Australia has always had a deep love for Halo and Xbox, so it’s been great to not only celebrate the 20th anniversary of this brand and iconic franchise, but the upcoming launch of Halo Infinite on December 9.

As one of the most anticipated releases of the 2021, it’s been great to see an original, authentically Australian take on the series’ iconic music.”

Note On Representation

Indigenous culture, particularly that of the First Nations people of Australia, isn’t one you often see associated with Xbox and gaming. This partnership and monumental performance, shared globally around the world, is a testament to Xbox’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity and representation, particularly in their message of gaming being “for everyone”.

In addition to the captivating performance by The Sydney Youth Orchestra, Paul Glass, Kamilaroi Man, proudly plays the Yidaki (also known as Didgeridoo), accompanying the iconic theme of the Halo series, adding an Australian twist to the popular arrangement.

This inclusion in the global Xbox 20th Anniversary live stream event acknowledges the First Nations people and their heritage, as well as, showcases Australian culture to the world. Hats off to Xbox for this historic and momentous inclusion.

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