All aboard! Sweet Transit pulls into early access!

A pretty sweet train management game.

This year I finally did it. After hours spent managing a mega-base in Factorio, I finally launched the rocket and beat the game. And now that Factorio is over, I have this big massive, management-sim void in my heart. Thankfully I managed to stumble across Sweet Transit, which has just entered ‘Early Access’ on Steam. And thanks to Team17, I’ve been able to jump right in and start filling up this hole.

Sweet Transit is a city builder meets logistics management, where the emphasis is focused on trains and transporting goods. While Factorio is set far into the future and on a completely different planet, Sweet Transit is set right here on Earth at the peak of the locomotive revolution during the 19th century. If the visuals look slightly familiar, well this game is actually developed by a single individual, Ernestas Norvaišas, who just so happened to be a 3D artist for Factorio.


Production is Power

Starting off on a randomly generated map (or a map that you’ve customized, think SimCity) you’ll pick a central place for a main warehouse. From there you’ll choose a starting place for a new town and eventually people will start following in. Once the people start following in you’ll need to start giving them jobs. Eventually more people will move to town with the prospects of new jobs. Suddenly you’re going to need some more resources to build more house and… This is how this sort of game gets you and I love it. Soon after a couple of hours you’ll be managing multiple train lines and looking for ways to improve efficiency.

One thing I definitely appreciated in Sweet Transit compared to Factorio is the pressure factor. In Factorio you were either always on the cusp of running out of resources and have to rejig your base constantly. And if it wasn’t that, it was the aliens. Constantly attacking the base and forcing you to be on edge the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the game play in Factorio the pressure was part of the game. In Sweet Transit it’s the complete opposite. Sweet Transit is meant to be played like a scenic train ride. The big difference between the two is simply the ‘pause’ button. At any time, you can simply pause the world of Sweet Transit and plan your next move/new train line. There’s also no pressure of a looming alien invasion!

If you’re into management games, especially things like Train Simulator, Prision Architect and of course, Factorio, I recommend keeping an eye on Sweet Transit. Better yet, check out the demo or even better jump into the Early Access. Currently priced at $32.95AUD

Sweet Transit – Trailer




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