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Battle Skeleton Ships in Free Sea of Thieves ‘Cursed Sails’ Update

Yesterday marked the launch of Cursed Sails, Rare Ltd’s second major content update for Sea of Thieves, introducing fearsome enemy Skeleton Ships, the new Brigantine three-player ship, and a new Alliance system. With the launch of Cursed Sails, Microsoft is excited to share with you that the community has reached a new milestone of five million pirates that have played Sea of Thieves thus far on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

As the next step on thw journey, this free Cursed Sails update brings a range of new features to the Sea of Thieves. A personal favourite for Rare is the new Alliance feature that allows players to meet in the world, form an alliance and adventure together, but always with the chance that the temptation of treachery could get too much…

Microsoft are introducing these features with a three-week time-limited campaign, with new goals and rewards each week. This Cursed Sails campaign and content update will be available free and without charge to all Sea of Thieves players who have bought the game across the Xbox One family of devices or on Windows 10 PC, or who have access to it as part of Xbox Game Pass. If you’re unable to take part in the time-limited campaign, don’t worry, as all the features introduced with this campaign will remain in the Sea of Thieves world for everyone to see and experience.

Home to players from all over the world, the thriving Sea of Thieves community includes an army of content creators who have helped the game rack up 300M views on YouTube and more than 40M live broadcast hours on Twitch. Seeing the creative community embrace the possibilities that Sea of Thieves presents is an inspiration to everyone at Rare.

Sea of Thieves is a uniquely social game, where interacting with other players – either on the same ship or on rival crews – plays a critical role in the overall experience. Because of this, every single one of the five million players who’s played has bought something unique and special to the game: themselves. It genuinely wouldn’t be the same without you, and Microsoft can’t wait for you to jump into Cursed Sails and see how they are working to fulfil the promise of new content in the months to come.

The team are more excited than ever to see where they can take this game.

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