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BenQ ZOWIE Unveils The Celeritas II Keyboard for e-Sports

BenQ ZOWIE today released the ZOWIE Celeritas II (“Celeritas II”) optical keyboard for e-Sports. The ZOWIE Celeritas II is the newest in the series of BenQ ZOWIE e-Sports peripherals, alongside a lineup of ZOWIE mice, mousepads, cable management devices and audio devices.

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The Celeritas II creates an optimal and precise keystroke per-travel distance (i.e. distance the key has to travel before an action is performed). A High quality iron spring inside the Celeritas II allows for each keystroke to be executed with a consistent amount of force throughout, while also improving durability to meet the high standard required in eSports.

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The keyboard also features optical switches, designed and tested by professional eSports players to ensure the most durable, reliable and consistent click feeling for players. The use of optical switches effectively eliminates the potential for performance degradation due to the wear of mechanical components, ensuring improved durability to meet the competitive standard expected by professional gamers.

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Beneath its sleek exterior and optical key switches, individual red LED backlights vibrantly illuminate each key. These LED backlights can be brightened and softened, or turned off completely, using a dedicated hotkey combination on the keyboard. This allows for a more comfortable experience whether you are playing at home with the lights off or in a tournament setting or LAN event.

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The Celeritas II is 100% driverless, allowing for easy setup of your keyboard, and eliminating the need for external software so that you can get into your game sooner.

The ZOWIE Celeritas II is available now

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