EA Announcements & EA Play at E3 2017

Today marked the beginning of the week long video game expo, E3, with Electronic Arts (“EA”) kicking things off with their press conference and EA Play experience.

The press conference saw the announcement of two new games, Anthem, which is BioWare’s newest IP, and A Way Out, an original, indie title for EA.

Among those were more EA Sports announcements, Need For Speed Payback gameplay and a 30 minute long multiplayer gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront II. 


While these announcements were relatively interesting, particularly the potential behind BioWare’s new game, it was Star Wars Battlefront II actress, Janina Gavankar, who stole the show with her captivating presence as the presenter for the upcoming Star Wars title.

After the press conference came the Fan Fest event, which gave members of the public a chance to be the first to play some of the above announced titles, with Star Wars Battlefront 2 being the most popular. As a member of the press, we were given free use of the creator cave and business lounge, which provided us with the opportunity to play the games as well as put together content.

While this sounded exciting on paper, the business lounge really was a spot to hold appointments and mingle with other members of press. As it happens, we caught up with IGN’s Lucy O’Brien, who was super friendly and incredibly nice. It was great seeing her again after PAX Australia.

Of course she was not the only one we saw and spoke to. I was so incredibly lucky and grateful to have met and spoken with Janina Gavankar herself. As a fellow woman of Indian descent, we bonded for a brief moment before I headed out to watch a drum line perform (which appeared to be a tactic to promote Madden 18 ). This was impressive for the first ten seconds before my feet gave out after two days of walking all over Los Angeles.

At least the giant Titanfall 2 Titan was super cool.

EA’s presence at E3 wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be but that’s okay because the games advertised will still be good to play AND I have picture proof of my time meeting a reasonably popular actress.

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