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Head To The Hidden Alleys of Melbourne for an AR True Crime Experience

Eastern Market Murder


Eastern Market Murder, Out On iOS, Android Now

Eastern Market Murder, the augmented reality (AR) true crime mystery from True Crime Games, launches for Android and iOS today!

Head to the streets of Melbourne to explore another spine-tingling story of murder and madness in the latest instalment of True Crime Mysteries –  the world-first series of AR true crime games based on real cases. Eastern Market Murder brings a gripping 120-year-old case to life –  transporting historical figures to the here-and-now before player’s eyes.

In 1899, amongst the shopfronts of Melbourne’s once-thriving Eastern Market, a sudden attack on a popular fortune-teller left her husband violently murdered. The culprit? A phrenologist and business rival with a steadfast defence, who will get away with the grisly murder if not proved wrong. Travel through the city – visiting witnesses and actual locations recreated from old articles and photographs, to find evidence to incriminate the killer. This historically-accurate tale is steeped in intrigue; from whispers of false friends, to defunct sciences and blood-red radishes.

Using your keen detective skills, get to the bottom of the mystery with a combination of probing fully-voiced dialogue and objects that give insight into each character’s motives. Ask the right questions, gain additional clues and piece together the real story behind the crime. Statements from key witnesses and evidence can be revisited at any time between scenes so ‘detectives’ can get their case together to outsmart the killer and reclaim justice for the victim’s family.

“We’ve always been drawn to stories of injustice and this one is particularly heart-wrenching,” said Emma Ramsay, Co-founder of True Crime Games, “This horrific crime caught the attention of the public in 1899, and after being buried for 120 years, we’re challenging players to put their detective skills to the test and ask the questions that have always surrounded the event.”

The AR experience can be navigated both on location or off-site from anywhere in the world. Melbourne-based players have the opportunity to walk through locations where the events took place and experience ‘seeing’ the characters in the streets they once walked. The self-guided experience takes approximately 1.5 hours and leads players through the hidden alleyways of the city. Those playing off-site will have the opportunity to delve into a macabre side of Australia’s past in any space of their choosing.

Eastern Murder Market will join it’s predecessor, Misadventure In Little Lon, on mobile devices this Saturday 1st May 2021 AEST. It will be available for AUD $4.99 on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS. For more fascinating details on the True Crime Mystery series visit the official website, or follow True Crime Mysteries on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

About True Crime Games

Husband and wife team Emma Ramsay and Andy Yong co-founded True Crime Games in 2018. Andy has over 20 years experience as an artist/animator – with 10 of those years in the games industry. Emma’s background is in production and marketing. As fans of true crime, history and games, they combined these elements into an interactive, augmented reality experience – the first of its kind worldwide. They teamed up with Carly Godden, historical researcher, writer and host of Dead & Buried podcast, to bring Eastern Market Murder to life.

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