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A History of PC Innovation

Ever since Morris Tanenbaum launched the Silicon Age with the fabrication of the first silicon transistor at Bell Labs in 1954, the PC has undergone a transformative evolution. From the revolutionary Intel 4004 release in 1971 to game-changing Ultrabook™ and 2 in 1, Intel has been at the center of PC innovation throughout its 50-year history, and through ongoing collaboration with the ecosystem, Intel will continue to redefine the PC experience.

The Dawn of the Mouse (1968)

The first mouse makes its debut, changing the way people would interact with computers forever.

Honey… I shrunk the Computer (1971)

Intel launches the first ever commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004, enabling computers to finally get smaller

Computing Gets Personal (1975)

The first personal computer hits the market in 1975. The Altair 8880, based on the Intel® 8080 CPU, finally brings computing to the masses

The 8086 Revolution (1978)

The 8086 gives rise to the x86 architecture, which will eventually become Intel’s most successful line of processors

Luggable (1980s)

The first truly portable PCs and laptops hit the market with the Osborne 1

Intel Inside (1991)

Intel becomes a household name with the launch of Intel Inside campaign, changing the way consumers think about PCs, as they begin to consider power as a key purchase point

The Name Game (1993)

The Intel Pentium line of processors launches, ditching the traditionally used numeric naming system for good

Get on the Bus! (1996)

Intel leads a group of 7 tech giants to develop USB (Universal Serial Bus), changing connectivity forever and paving the way for Thunderbolt™ (2011), which would offer even more flexible and versatile connection options

A Wireless World (2003)

The Intel Centrino Processor launches, bringing integrated wireless to laptops

Business Baked In (2006)

The Intel vPro™ platform launches with features specifically for business PC users from the silicon up

Bringing the Internet to Everyone (2007)

As computer companies compete to deliver smaller, more user-friendly laptops, the Netbook is born, bringing easy access to the internet to everyone and everywhere

Laptops Slim Down and Beef Up (2011)

Intel introduces a new category of PC called the Ultrabook™, using low-power processors and drives to reduce bulk without compromising battery life

Era of the 2-in-1 PC Begins (2012)

PCs are revolutionised again with 2-in-1 hitting the market in late 2012

The Next Generation (2018)

Intel’s first processor to package a GPU directly onto the CPU along with dedicated High Bandwidth Memory. EMIB technology reduces the silicon footprint making the 8th Gen Intel Core™ processor with Radeon™ RX Vega M Graphics perfect for small form factors—an indication of more innovation to come

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