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Intel & Paramount Pictures Team Up To Explore VR Films

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Intel is teaming up with Paramount Pictures to venture into and consider cinematic applications for its volumetric video technology.

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The announcement comes after Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich announced the debut of Intel Studios, a newly constructed, state-of-the-art studio dedicated to the production of large-scale, volumetric content, using Intel True View technology, that will create new forms of visual storytelling with and without VR.

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Krzanich presented a demo of how viewers can experience a VR film from various perspectives at Intel’s keynote address, ahead of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (“CES 2018”).

Paramount CEO, Jim Gianopulos, joined Krzanich on stage and said:

“When you give filmmakers tools like this, their imaginations are unfettered,” said Gianopulos. “You get some of the most gifted and talented filmmakers in the world, we can only imagine what they can do with this technology.”

It’s going to be interesting to see where such technology leads and just how well VR films will fair. The future is certainly bright.

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