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Negan From The Walking Dead Joins Tekken 7 Season Pass 2 Roster

Tekken Walking Dead

Bandai Namco today revealed some details for the TEKKEN 7 Season Pass 2Negan, The Walking Dead iconic villain, will be part of the Season Pass 2. Additionally, players will access two returning characters, try to master their playstyles and prove their worth against players from all over the world. More info about the Season Pass 2 will come soon!

Your eyes do not deceive you, your pounding heart does not betray you; Negan from AMC’s The Walking Dead is making his way into TEKKEN 7 to deal a world of pain in the TEKKEN universe. Negan, beloved by fans for his charismatic yet sinister demeanor, is ready to destroy all challengers, regardless of their stature in the TEKKEN universe.

Lei Wulong makes his long-awaited return to TEKKEN, this time sporting some new threads, new attitude, and his deadly Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, and Dragon styles. True Lei Wulong fans will also enjoy the return of Lei’s Drunken Master style to the TEKKEN 7 arena!

Anna Williams returns to wreak havoc in TEKKEN 7 and to drive her sister, Nina Williams, crazy! As the personal bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima and the second-in-command of the G Corporation, Anna doesn’t only have the intelligence to run circles around her opponents, she’s got the deadly fighting skill to back-up her killer looks as well.

Keep the TEKKEN experience going on your smartphone as well! Anna is coming to Tekken Mobile on the same day as her console release, check out some of her moves at the end of the trailer. Lei will also be added to Tekken Mobile, at a later date.

Discover our latest update including new roster addition Alex and our summer events!

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