Netflix & Dreamworks To Bring New ‘She-Ra’ Series

Netflix and Dreamworks have partnered to bring six new original cartoons to our screens next year. Among the six, which includes Trolls: The Beat Goes On!The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Harvey Street Kids, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, Trollhunters (Part 3) and 3 Below, is an all new, reboot of the popular 80s cartoon, She-Ra!

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That’s right, the Princess of Power, and twin sister of Prince Adam of Eternia, a.k.a He-Man, will be returning to television on Netflix next year, helmed by American cartoonist, Noelle Stevenson.

She-Ra first made her appearance in the animated movie The Secret of the Sword as a foe for He-Man and learnt that she was actually his secret sister, Princess Adora. With her Sword of Protection, Princess Adora gained the power to transform into the heroic She-Ra and later became a part of the greater He-Man world.

Stevenson is the Eisner Award-winning creator behind some of the most popular comics in the past decade, including BOOM! Studios’ Lumberjanes, which tells the tale of a group of young girls at a magical summer camp, and Nimona, which explores the path of a young shapeshifter who just happens to have a penchant for villainy. Both titles were critically acclaimed and are currently being adapted for the big screen.

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Dreamworks Animation seems to be as excited as we are, stating in a press release that:

“The trailblazing property originally debuted in 1985 to satisfy overwhelming demand for a female lead fantasy series. With Stevenson’s unique voice at the helm, fans are in store for an epic and timely tale that celebrates female friendship and empowerment, lead by a warrior princess tailor made for today.”

Being a 90s kid who grew up with re-runs of He-Man and She-Ra, I’m extremely thrilled to have She-Ra back on television.

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