Netflix Geeked Week Day 4 Recap

During the past few days of Netflix’s Geeked Week, we saw teasers of all kinds. From actionadventure to young adult titles, we’ve had a look at some exciting shows.

What about the animated and anime titles you ask? Never fear, Netflix has us covered with Day 4 of Geeked Week.

Here’s a recap of everything show on Day 4.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Pop culture enthusiast and showrunner, Kevin Smith, introduced an exclusive teaser for the upcoming sequel to the 1980s cult classic series. And boy am I so excited! If the trailer is THIS GOOD, just imagine how amazing the series will be?


The Loud House Movie

Make some noise for the upcoming movie based on the beloved Nickelodeon family series with this exclusive teaser.


Twilight of the Gods

After taking on superheroes and zombies, Zack Snyder is now taking on Norse mythology for a new animated series.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway

Check out the exclusive trailer for this new iteration of the legendary mecha series.


Shaman King

Feast your eyes on the exclusive trailer for this new anime based on the lauded Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei.



Here’s the exclusive trailer for the new series from the creator of Fairy Tail and based on the Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.


Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom

Check out this exclusive first look from the third and final chapter in the War for Cybertron trilogy.


An exclusive first look from this existentially terrifying space horror anime series was revealed today.

Make My Day

Watch the exclusive teaser for this newly announced series, about a barren planet where mysterious creatures suddenly begin to appear from the darkness underground and attack the inhabitants.

Bright: Samurai Soul

Here’s a Bright anime sequel set in the 18th century Meiji Restoration Era in Japan, where the power of wands influenced the critical direction of Japan history.

Godzilla: Singular Point

Geeked Week Day 4

An exclusive clip from this all new anime series that promises a new take on a classic character was shared.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Geeked Week Day 4

Two of the show’s voice stars, Nick Apostolides (Leon) and Stephanie Panisello (Claire), introduced an exclusive first look at the opening sequence of the anime series, which follows Leon and Claire as they investigate a new bio hazard threat.

More From Day 4

Looking to watch the entire stream from Day 4 of Geeked Week? Check out the live-stream below.

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