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New Characters From The Naruto Universe Coming To Jump Force

Naruto Characters Jump Force


Four new fighters from the iconic manga franchise Naruto, and its sequel Boruto, have been announced for upcoming title JUMP FORCE, in addition to a new arena, the Konoha Stage.

Boruto Uzumaki: As the successor to two powerful bloodlines, Boruto was destined for greatness. From the Shadow Clones to the powerful Rasengan, he inherited a number of powerful abilities from his father which he uses to supreme effect.

Kakashi Hatake: Naruto’s master and one of the elite ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village. He mastered his One-Eye Sharingan and uses it to trick his opponents with illusions.

Gaara: Gaara showed signs of great strength from childhood, which was confirmed when he became one of the youngest Kazekage of his era. Within him lies the Shukaku, a gigantic sand creature that grants him tremendous power.

Kaguya: Once a virtuous and kind princess, she has been corrupted by the power of the God Tree’s fruit. Kaguya then became a tyrant and one of the most terrifying threats to humanity.

JUMP FORCE launches on February 15th, 2019 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC Digital

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