Guardian Trials

All-New Super Lucky’s Tale Adventure Released: Guardian Trials

He’s baa-ack… Lucky, that is! On the heels of heroically saving Gilly Island from the clutches of Lady Meowmalade, Lucky returns for his most daunting challenge yet in Super Lucky’s Tale Guardian Trials,  an ‘80s retro-themed boot camp adventure.

It’s Training Day in Foxington!

In this righteous new chapter, Lucky’s big sister Lyra believes the time has come for him to meet his destiny and embark on the journey to become a full-fledged Guardian – and that requires training. To train Lucky, Lyra enlists the help of a few lively friends pulled straight from the Book of Ages, and together they set up a series of insurmountable challenges that only a true Guardian could possibly conquer.

Now, with your help, Lucky must (like totally) puzzle, leap, burrow, and roll his way through a hilariously retro boot camp that’s tougher than any epic ‘80s training montage!  Along the way, you’ll meet zany characters, best classic platforming challenges, defeat souped-up bosses, solve perplexing puzzles and earn your right to stand with Lyra as an official Guardian of the Book of Ages.

Guardian Trials also sees the debut of delightful costumes and accessories for Lucky to wear – from totally rad unitards and leg warmers (for when your legs, and only your legs get a little chilly) to schweet wristbands and headbands. Unlock them all and wear the outfit that best defines you for the most fashionable adventure of Lucky’s career.

Guardian Trials is available today for $4.99USD across the Xbox One family of devices and Windows 10 PC.

Super Lucky’s Tale is now part of Xbox Game Pass. For additional adventures with Lucky, Guardian Trials and the recently-released Gilly Island are both available for separate purchase.

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