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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting A Mobile Version


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (“PUBG“) is coming to mobile thanks to Chinese tech giant and game publisher, Tencent. The Chinese company revealed that it has formed a partnership with PUBG developer, Bluehole, to bring the hit multiplayer PC game to mobile devices in China.

According to the Chinese language press release, the PUBG mobile version will be similar to that of the PC version though it is unclear at this stage whether it will be the full version of the game or simply a lite version, as the PC game requires a fairly powerful machine to run (I would know, since even my 2016 Omen by HP gaming laptop can’t handle the game).

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PUBG is currently one of the biggest game franchises , and this is with it only being in early access, having sold over 20 million copies worldwide. With the release of a mobile version to a large Asian market, the game will only soar in users and popularity.

Currently, the mobile version of the game will only release in China, though given it’s worldwide popularity, a Western version will likely be released soon after. The game will release in early access on Xbox One on 12 December, for those who are wanting a console experience of the game.

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