PlayStation September Showcase 2021 Recap

After months of silence and small updates, Sony has finally shown its hand and brought the house crashing down at their PlayStation 5 Showcase. With some of the biggest announcements of the year, the team at Sony have revealed just how amazing gaming on a PS5 are going to be.

Here’s a recap of everything revealed at the showcase, that will no doubt whet your appetite for more.

First look at God of War Ragnarök

At the showcase, the team at Santa Monica Studios unveiled the first look at the highly anticipated sequel that picks up a few years after the events of God of War (2018). The freezing winds of Fimbulwinter have come to Midgard, making survival for Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir in the Norse wilds even more challenging than before. 

While the last game built an enormous amount of trust and understanding between father and son, there is still a great deal of complexity in their interactions – especially after the revelation of Atreus’ Giant heritage and the hidden prophecy only Kratos saw.  Together, Kratos and Atreus will have to make a choice about which path they will take. Whatever they choose will define the fate of all those living in the Nine Realms as God of War Ragnarök approaches. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine revealed 

Veteran developer Insomniac Games has created two new exciting titles for PlayStation 5 consoles. Firstly, players will continue the journey of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in their most epic single-player adventure yet with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 consoles in 2023.

Today’s game footage trailer is merely just a glimpse at what’s in store in terms of the new abilities our heroes will acquire, suits they will wear (more on that some other time), and the villains that will try to hunt them down. Speaking of villains, make sure to check out the trailer to see who’s coming to Spidey 2!

Another exciting announcement was the first glimpse of Marvel’s Wolverine. Marvel’s Wolverine is a standalone game being directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director), who recently led the creative efforts on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. 

Gran Turismo 7 arrives on PS5 and PS4 March 4

Gran Turismo7 is both the culmination of the series which answers the expectations of Gran Turismo fans throughout the years, and at the same time it is a title that marks a beginning of a difficult mission to contain the full breadth of car culture from the past into a single video game.  Even more exciting is the firm release date, coming March 4, 2022!

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection coming to PS5 and PC

Naughty Dog is set to release a remastered bundle in 2022. This brand-new remastered bundle includes Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, featuring Nathan Drake as he hunts for Captain Avery’s long-lost treasure, setting off for one final far flung adventure across the jungles of Madagascar to long lost pirate colony of Libertalia. It also includes Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which chronicles Chloe Frazer’s breakout exploits as she moves from frenemy to hero. Enlisting the assistance of renowned mercenary Nadine Ross, Chloe ventures to India’s Western Ghats to locate the Golden Tusk of Ganesh.

Tchia: Creating a game inspired by New Caledonia

Tchia shows how Awaceb is infusing it homeland’s culture into an open world tropical adventure.

Down the rabbit hole in Deathloop’s story trailer

Explore the mysteries of Blackreef in the latest trailer, coming to PS5 September 14.

Bloodhunt comes to PlayStation 5 in 2021

The highly anticipated  free-to-play  shooter is coming to  PS5.

Breaking down the story trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Square Enix introduced some of the characters and factions you’ll meet in the story trailer of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Face the unknown in new Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer

A mysterious fog descends upon Tokyo, causing nearly all the city’s population to vanish. As an enigmatic masked group takes responsibility, you’re left with nothing but questions and waves of supernatural Visitors to contend with. Explore the haunted city and hone your own ethereal abilities as you face the unknown and uncover the truth in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Rewriting history – Alan Wake Remastered brings the writer’s story to PS4 and PS5

Remedy Entertainment is finally bringing the complete version of their classic story-driven horror experience Alan Wake to PlayStation for the very first time.

Welcome to the world of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Join Team Rainbow to protect the world from a lethal, mutating alien threat.

Journey with Frey to Forspoken’s fantastical world next spring

Square  Enix  and Luminous Productions  sets the  stage for Frey Holland’s  journey from New York City to Athia.

Breaking down the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gameplay trailer

Gearbox dives deeper into the highly anticipated new chaotic fantasy looter shooter by officially revealing the first look at gameplay for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

A new look at the stylish action of Project Eve

In the not-too-distant future, mankind is expelled from Earth after losing the battle against the invaders called the NA:tives. To win back Earth, the player becomes Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad deployed from the Colony, who must fight through powerful enemies with new comrades. Join Eve’s adventure in the face of unknown creatures on a desolate, destroyed Earth.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is the legendary tale remade on PlayStation 5

Aspyr Media, Lucasfilm Games, and SIE are remaking the classic RPG from the ground up for a new generation with modern tech, features, visuals and more, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters that we’ve come to cherish.

What an epic showcase of games huh? No wonder Sony had been quiet for some time. This surprise reveal at yesterday’s PlayStation 5 Showcase had fans excited for some of THE BEST GAMES, us included! We can’t wait to enjoy some fan favourite titles and brand new enticing releases on the next generation console!

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