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PlayStation VR: The PlayStation Experience

Yesterday, thanks to PlayStation NZ, I was fortunate enough to demo the PlayStation VR, PlayStation’s virtual reality gaming technology that will effectively change the way we play video games.

I have to admit that my previous brief experiences with the PlayStation VR didn’t really sell virtual reality gaming to me. I had my doubts and was certainly hesitant to spend a lot of coin on a unit that I would potentially use for only an hour. The idea of playing video games with all my senses essentially immersed into gameplay also put me off; what if someone broke in while I was busy playing a game?

After an hour with the PlayStation VR yesterday, demoing a select few games, I found myself wanting more. The experience was incredible and it really did feel as if I were really a part of the game.

First, I tried out DriveClub VR, which was interesting, especially when I chose to race in a Ferrari. It really felt as if I were driving a real car, having to check my mirrors and feeling the car turn, crash and everything that comes with driving at full speed. It was my very first time ‘driving’ on the left hand side, which threw me off a little, but I ended up coming in second, so it wasn’t too bad.

The next game, is probably going to be one I want to complete when it gets released. It’s a London Heist experience which is included in the PS VR Worlds game. It felt so real, being a passenger in a runaway vehicle, holding a gun and shooting at enemies on motorcycles. My favourite parts were reloading the gun, where you actually have to do the motion of reloading and the ability to open the door and stick my head out! That was surreal.


Finally, and most importantly, I got to put on the Batsuit for the first time while playing Batman Arkham VR. Me! I became Batman!! Just being able to go through the super cool motions of putting on the suit, the cowl and attach tech onto my tactical belt was too cool for words. What was better was throwing Batarangs at moving targets. It was even amazing travelling down the elevator down the Batcave. It was impossible to stand still because there was just so much to look at.


My PlayStation experience definitely has me convinced that the PlayStation VR is worth considering and worth spending a bit more time with. The visuals, up close and personal, was exceptionally brilliant. It certainly made me feel as if the impossible suddenly became possible.

I’m hoping to be able to review the PlayStation VR at some point. Fingers crossed and stay tuned…



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