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Ralph Breaks The Internet Review [Spoiler Free]

Ralph Breaks The Internet

When Disney first released Wreck-It-Ralph in 2012, I thought that studio had yet again produced another gem of a film, one that could be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Being based on classic arcade games meant that the film ticked all the boxes for me. It was fun, humorous, paid homage to a lot of my childhood and overall had that typical Disney family feel to it.

Upon hearing that a sequel was being made, I was excited, and even more so upon learning that the sequel was to be based around the modern day world of the Internet, which, as many of you are aware, we human beings can’t seem to live without.

Ralph Breaks the Internet once again sees Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) off on a grand adventure, this time, to save Vanellope’s game ‘Sugar Rush’ by venturing into the World Wide Web. As they navigate their way through unfamiliar terrain, they meet various citizens of the Internet, or ‘netizens’, who help them on their journey.

Like its predecessor, there were a variety of interesting characters, funny moments, fantastic references to typical Internet practices and some great visuals. Of course,there’s also that notable Disney Princesses scene which adds delightful humour and a sense of classic Disney nostalgia to the film.

The story follows the typical Disney formula of characters going off on an adventure only to learn more about themselves, the world around them and the feelings they have for one another (which isn’t necessarily always in the romantic sense).This was certainly the case as Ralph and Vanellope discovered their true feelings about what they truly wanted out of their lives, learning that they can’t always be attached at the hip.


There were far more characters, I felt, in this film more so than the original, with the sassy, entrepreneurial Yesss (Taraji P. Henson) very quickly becoming my favourite character with her style, class and sheer knowledge of social media and what makes posts go viral. There was also the bad-ass chica, Shank (Gal Gadot), who played an important role in the film.

Character development was more evident in this film as viewers were given the opportunity to learn more about the various characters in the film, particularly that of Ralph and Vanellope. It was fun seeing the way their friendship evolved from the first film and how both characters grew tremendously as individuals in this sequel.

Visually, the film was stunning. The character animations were brilliant, remaining true to the Disney style, and the use of colour and effects added visual aesthetics that had my eyes entranced. The colourful world of the Internet was by far the most intriguing and captures the liveliness of the world of social media, online shopping and more.

Filled with laughs and great use of modern day references and practices, Ralph Breaks The Internet also manages to showcase the attitudes of today’s society towards the Internet, with those who grew up at a time before the World Wide Web feeling hesitant and concerned towards the younger generation putting their lives on display and virtually living on the Internet, something that Ralph portrayed in his viewpoint of Vanellope’s enthusiasm about the exciting new world that she’s come to learn about.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is a charming sequel fit for the entire family, with many a hilarious moment, important lessons and most of all the true Disney appeal. This one certainly is one to watch on the big screen.



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