Magic: The Gathering Returns to Dominaria

Dominaria United is launching today on MTG Arena!

It’s been 4 years since one of the best Magic: The Gathering sets launched, Dominaria and now on Magic‘s 30th anniversary, we’re heading back there one more time. Launching today on MTG Arena and September 9th for tabletop, the newest release, Dominaria United. We return to plane where all of Magic‘s history began and now it’s facing its biggest threat ever. After making appearances on Kaldheim, Neon Kamigawa and New Capenna. The Phyrexians have launched a devastating assault on Dominaria. Calling upon deep rooted sleeper agents, turning friends into foes, this is one set you do not want to miss. Being on Dominaria means the set is also full of legends so it’s perfect for anyone looking to get into Commander.

The set contains 281 cards a features fan-favourite Planeswalkers Karn, Ajani, Liliana and Jaya. There’s lots of spicy new cards to check out as well as a brilliant Planeswalker reprint. If you want to learn more about this set, check out our new AttackOnCardboard Youtube channel. Dedicated to all things Magic!


Another year older

Dominaria United also kicks off MTG’s 30th Anniversary celebrations. If you’re heading down to your LGS for Prerelease this weekend, you could score yourself a foil, retro-frame promo. Featuring classic cards from the last 30 years of MTG.

Speaking of classic cards, players can score themselves some “Lost Legend” in random Dominaria United collector booster packs. Similar to how you could open “Priceless Treasure” cards in old Zendikar booster packs. This time round, the Wizards of the Coast time have hidden cards from the 1994 set, ‘Legends’ in collector boosters. Anything from classic Nicol Bolas to the Moat or perhaps even a Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

Jump back into Jumpstart!

Jumpstart boosters are back! One of the best things to try out if you’ve just started learning the game. Simply grab two Jumpstart boosters, crack them open and shuffle them together and you now have a 40 card limited deck that you can try out. The contents of each booster will be a random theme out of 10 possibilities.  You can check out all the themes and booster contents here!

Stained glass has never looked so good.

Oh yeah, check out these amazing stained glass alternate art cards…

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