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RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition Review – Comfort Meets Quality

Rig 500 Pro Esports Edition

Ever since my first experience wearing a RIG Gaming headset, I knew that the brand had something special on their hands. The RIG 500HX was the very first headset I tried and at the time, I thought that it was the best thing to have ever happened to gaming headset technology. I didn’t think I’d ever find a headset more comfortable and delivered quality audio.

That was until I tried the RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition headset. The RIG 500 Pro series is a huge step up from the RIG 500 in that it featured a more ergonomic design (say goodbye to sweaty ears), worked with Dolby Atmos (which means hearing every footstep in FPS games) and included an audio dial that easily connected to my Xbox One controller to make controlling the volume a whole lot easier. 

Rig 500 Pro Esports Edition

The RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition differs from the other RIG 500 Pro headsets in that it works across multiple platforms, be it PC, Xbox, or even PS4. With powerful 50mm drivers and finely tuned acoustic chambers, the headset allows for an immersive audio experience that’s further enhanced when used with Dolby Atmos. Never before had I been able to enjoy such deep and crisp in game sounds that enveloped me from all angles. 

In terms of comfort, the headset is fairly light and its ear-cups feature a combination of fabric and leather that allows for prolonged use without causing that dreaded ear sweat that other headsets often do. As a streamer, wearing a headset for more than a couple of hours is common, so it was a godsend to have my ears kept cool. In addition, the ear-cups also made room for those who wear glasses, eliminating that horrible head-pinching feeling that can come from a headset pushing down on your glasses frames.

Rig 500 Pro Esports Edition

Design wise, the headset features a metallic finish that gives off a sleek look, in-keeping with the traditional RIG Gaming headset design. Unlike other headset brands, there’s a no frills approach with the RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition design so you won’t see a wide variety of colours or RGB lights, which, to be very honest, is totally fine considering the ultra polished and professional look that RIG Gaming offers when it comes to their headsets. 

Overall, I’ve been astounded by the sound quality and level of comfort the RIG 500 Pro Esports Edition headset offers. It’s a huge plus that the headset works seamlessly with any platform I choose to play games on too. Highly recommend it to anyone wanting an affordable, comfortable and high quality gaming headset.

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