Stormtrooper Edition

Show your allegiance to The Galactic Empire with the Stormtrooper Edition Razer Kraken


The Stormtrooper Edition of the Razer Kraken headset is the latest addition to Razer’s popular Stormtrooper Edition peripherals, retaining the same market- leading features as the original Razer Kraken headset, but now sporting the colours of the most feared army in the Star Wars Galaxy.

Designed for Esports athletes and gamers alike, the Stormtrooper Edition of the Razer Kraken headset features custom-tuned 50mm drivers for a wide soundscape from subtle audio cues to helmet rumbling explosions. The uni-directional, retractable microphone ensures your shot calls and battle orders are always delivered in absolute clarity.

Using a thickly padded bauxite aluminium frame and cooling-gel ear cushions, the Stormtrooper Edition of the Kraken headset is built for comfort over long mission sessions. With an inline remote for volume and microphone controls and connection via 3.5mm jack, the Stormtrooper Edition of the Razer Kraken headset is compatible with PC, Mac, console and mobile devices.

The Stormtrooper Edition of the Razer suite also includes:

  • BlackWidow Lite keyboard – a ten-keyless keyboard with silent Razer Orange Switches
  • Atheris mouse – a 7200 DPI, 350-hour battery life wireless mouse
  • Goliathus Extended Edition – a micro-textured surface, full desktop width mouse mat
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