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Multiplayer Modes & New Locations Revealed In Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Star Wars Battlefront II fast approaches! Get hyped for the next installment of Electronic Arts’ epic Star Wars game with the new “This is Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer” in which John Boyega (a.k.a Finn) reveals the full game experience that players can expect to immerse themselves in this holiday season.

Whether it’s dominating as your favorite iconic hero in epic multiplayer battles with up to 40 players, piloting a Starfighter through thrilling dogfights in space, or stepping into the boots of commander Iden Versio in the campaign’s all new, untold Star Wars story, there’s something for everyone in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Along with 5 unique multiplayer modes to suit any play style and 18 locations set across all three cinematic Star Wars eras, the new class based system, Battle Points and reworked Star Card system offer greater depth and progression than ever before.

Check out the trailer below!

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