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Sony Announces PlayStation Now To Include PS4 Games in 2017

Sony PlayStation has today announced that it will be expanding its PlayStation Now streaming service to include current-generation PlayStation 4 (“PS4”) games. At  present, the service allows players to stream hundreds of PlayStation 3 (“PS3”) games to their PS4 and Windows PC for a monthly subscription fee. The PS4 games will be added to a single PS Now subscription at no additional cost to subscribers, but Sony has not yet divulged when to expect the new titles to be added or what games will be available to play.

PlayStation 4 Games will be available on PlayStation Now

Sony earlier announced that the PS Now service will be discontinued the on the PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV, and all supported smart TVs and Blu-ray players in August 2017 to better focus on developing the service for the PS4 and PC platforms.

In addition, today’s announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft announcing its own monthly games subscription, Xbox Game Pass. Like PS Now, the Xbox Game Pass will offer gamers a library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles to subscribers. The only difference is that Microsoft’s service will allow players to fully download games, unlike the PS Now, which only allows players stream them.

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