Last Week in Geekdom: Spider-Man, Batman & More

Star Wars, Spider-man, a cheeky tease of Batman and Naughty Dog reaffirming my fear of fungus. Last week was one stacked week in pop culture news.

For all the stories you may have missed, here’s this past week in geekdom.


Superman: Red Son

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DC Animated released the first image for their next feature film, Superman: Red SonRed Son is the adaption of Mark Millar’s 2003 tale of the same name and follows the alternate reality where Kal-El of Krypton landed in Soviet Russia instead of Kansas.

Jason Isaacs voices the titular character and is joined by Amy Acker as Lois Lane and Roger Craig Smith as Batman.

The film is due to release sometime in 2020.

Frozen II

The sequel to the much loved 2013 Disney film received a new story trailer this week. In Frozen II, Elsa and Anna are on an epic journey to a land concealed by magic to discover just who is the behind the voice that haunts the ice Queen. Frozen II is a darker film than the first and hits cinemas on the 22nd of November.

Spider-Man is back in the MCU

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After their recent falling out over Spider-Man, Sony Pictures and Disney have assembled once again to keep the web slinger in the MCU.

TV/ Streaming

The Irishman

Netflix has revealed trailers for their upcoming original films. The first was a longer trailer for Martin Scorsese’s gangster film, The Irishman.

The trailer also revealed the first look at Ray Romano who plays a sleazy lawyer in the film. The run-time for the film was recently announced as well, which comes to three and a half hours long. That’s a lot of popcorn.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Netflix’s second major trailer drop for the week was for El Camino, the Breaking Bad film.

The film picks up after the ending to the hit series and tells the story of what happens to Jesse Pinkman, played Aaron Paul, in the aftermath.

The film hits the streaming service on the 11th of October.

Video Games

Medal of Honor

Respawn Entertainment had a huge week with two trailers dropping for their upcoming games.

In a surprise reveal, it was announced that the developers have partnered with Oculus Studios to create a VR Medal of Honor. Titled Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, the VR game will be the fifteenth game in the franchise and places you back in the role of an OSS agent in the second world war.

The game features a narrative story, multiplayer modes and a story gallery where you can sit and listen to the stories of veterans and survivors who took part in the war against the Axis forces.

This is the first game in the franchise since 2012’s Warfighter and will release for the Oculus in 2020.

Jedi: Fallen Order

Respawn’s second trailer drop was for the upcoming Star Wars action adventure, Jedi: Fallen Order.

The trailer, which revealed some of Cal Kestis’s story wasn’t the only the Fallen Order news that dropped this week. It was revealed an Xbox themed controller and two Xbox bundles are on the way. The bundles include a copy of Fallen Order and both Knights of the Old Republic games.

The first issue of the Fallen Order comic miniseries dropped this week if you can’t wait until the 15th of November.

A New Batman Game?

After years of silence, WB Games Montreal tweeted a tease that had the internet speculating about a new Batman game and then just like the Dark Knight himself, they vanished back into the cold silence of night.

After months of teasing from other sources, it’s heavily implied that the next Batman game will feature the Court of Owls. For an insight into who or what they are check out Dhayana’s review of the graphic novel by Scott Snyder.

PlayStation’s State of Play

Finally, in case you didn’t get a chance to catch up on PlayStation’s State of Play live-stream earlier this week, take a look at our recap.

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