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The Vanguard Rebrands As ‘Attack On Geek’

Attack On Geek

The Vanguard is rebranding! As the brand approaches its second year of existence this September, I felt that it was high time for a much needed change to streamline all brand and business activities under one collective name, which is completely unique and signifies our intentions to continue to growth in a more professional light.

The Vanguard began as a simple personal blog, used as an outlet to discuss all things pop culture, gaming and entertainment. However, due to its continued growth, expansion into various other activities and establishment as a hub for pop culture and gaming enthusiasts, it was no longer feasible or appropriate to continue on as The Vanguard (or rather, The Vanguard Site) due to the very fact that the name The Vanguard Site didn’t sit right with me as a professional domain name and that there were various other businesses, both locally and internationally, with similar business names.

Attack On Geek is a name that is 100% unique and symbolises the brand much better. The term ‘Attack On Geek’ both showcases the brand as being involved in pop culture, namely anime (derived from the popular Attack On Titan series which I love), cartoons, film, gaming, comics, technology and much more, as well as being a play on words to show our intention to change the perception on what ‘Geek’ means, essentially breaking the stereotype that has long been attached to the term. It is now chic and cool to be a Geek after all!

As we transition to Attack On Geek, we’ll be slowly changing all social media, streaming channels and the website to the new name and users might notice some slight modifications and changes. Please bear with us while we transition and keep an eye out for a full launch of the new brand name!!! Exciting times!

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