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Aussie Students Rank IT & Computer Education As Most Important For Their Future


New research, commissioned by Microsoft Store Australia, has highlighted the growing student demand for tech-based tools and skills in school. The research reveals that Aussie kids are excited to learn via advanced technology and are prioritising STEM-based education to get themselves ready for the jobs of the future.  

Inspired by these findings, Microsoft Store has created a learning experience in store, offering students the chance to sample some of the subjects and teaching tools of the future through a series of workshops available in January. 

In the lead up to Australian students heading back to the classroom, the research reveals that 65% of students aged 10-16 years old in Australia have an interest in learning more STEM focused skills, like coding in school, with one in three students saying they are not taught this currently. Further to this, the research showcases Aussie kids value STEM based subjects as the most relevant to their jobs in the future, prioritising Computers (61%), IT (63%) and Science (57%) over traditionally preferred subjects, such as P.E (45%), English (51%) and Music (44%).  

The research results also indicate that Aussie kids are excited about new learning tools and experiences in the classroom of the future. 21% of students say they would like more opportunities to learn outside of the physical classroom, 42% of students say they would like to interact more with classroom computers via touch screen, and twenty-seven per cent would like to be able to interact with computers via voice command.  

During the January school holidays (19 – 24 January) Microsoft Store will offer students aged 8 – 15 years a taste of the school of the future through an engaging curriculum involving AR, AI and coding workshops, and kids and parents will be given a taste of the Australian school of the future.  

Max Ferfoglia, Community Development Specialist at the flagship Microsoft Store in Sydney says, “We’re very excited that Aussie school kids are so interested in learning about new technologies in the school of the future. It’s even more exciting to be able to offer students the opportunity to trial technology and curriculums that they may not have hands-on experience in their school classes at the moment. By offering these workshops at Microsoft Store, we hope to inspire and empower children to feel confident and excited about the future of technology, ultimately inspiring them to pursue a career in the STEM industry.” 

Register for the workshops here.


When: Sunday January 19th to Friday January 24th at various times throughout each day  

Where: Microsoft Store on Pitt Street Mall, Sydney (188 Pitt St, Sydney)  

Duration: the workshops run for 1.5 hours   

Recommended age: 8 -15 years, please note there are separate sessions for primary students and secondary students 

Skill level: beginners, no prior learning needed  

Workshop types

Merge Cube Workshop:  Imagine holding the earth in your hand, or perhaps even a great white shark! In partnership with Merge Cube, students will explore the wonders of the world and see them come to life before their eyes. In this interactive session, attendees will be guided through a series of Merge topic cards and experience them in 3D using Merge Cube’s Augmented Reality technology. This session assumes zero student knowledge about AI and is suited to beginners. 

Minecraft Education – Element Scavenger Hunt: Blockheads get set to learn with Minecraft! Using Minecraft: Education Edition, students will learn about the earth’s elements and how they combine to form matter. A combination of science, gaming and a whole lot of fun, attendees will break apart material blocks to understand how they are made up of component elements in this hands-on ‘scavenger hunt’ style session.  

AI with NeuranextIn partnership with Neuranext, this fun, interactive session, students will learn the key scientific concepts of Artificial Intelligence with Neuranext AI. Attendees will learn how A.I. is all around us, get to implement computer vision using Python Code and Jupyter Notebooks with data and images they create. Students will also workshop future applications of the technology and their impact on the world. Students will participate in deploying computer vision and neural networks to activate autonomous robotic cars for a self-driving task. 

App Lab – Build your own app: Budding app developers, listen up! In partnership with, this 1.5-hour workshop, you will learn how to build your own app using fundamentals of JavaScript with block-based coding. Using’s App Lab, learn how to come up with an app idea and watch it transform from sketch to shareable app in moments. For students 13+ only. NB: To save and access their app following the workshop, students will need to bring an email address. 




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