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Death Note Manga Omnibus Now Available

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Fans of the ever popular manga and anime series, Death Note, which has spawned numerous live-action adaptations including the most recent Netflix film (which I recommend you stay away from) can now pick up the massive, yet surprisingly cheap, English manga omnibus of Death Note.

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For only $25USD (via Amazon US) and $19.04GBP (via Amazon UK), you’ll receive the entire 12-volume manga series complete with a never before published epilogue chapter. The entire set comes in a single volume cased in a sleek silver slipcase. Considering the fact that purchasing each volume of the Death Note manga series could cost $100 or more, this edition is ridiculously affordable. (For those in New Zealand, the entire manga omnibus costs $50.76NZD)

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As a huge fan of the anime series, I couldn’t hit the purchase button fast enough as reading the original manga had been on my bucket list for a long time. I can’t wait to read and experience the Death Note story exactly the way the creator, Tsugumi Ohba, envisioned the series, especially after the disaster that was the Western Netflix live-action adaptation (an honest review of the film will be posted shortly).

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For those interested in learning more about Death Note, check out my rather in-depth review of the anime here.

Grab the Death Note omnibus via the links below while the price is hot!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

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