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Edifier G10 Gaming Headset Review

Edifier G10 Gaming Headset

Edifier has long been known for being a leader in the home entertainment and speaker sound system industry. Recently though, the company has branched out into the headphones market and has released a new line of gaming headsets.

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Thanks to Play Distribution, we were given an Edifier G10 (“G10”) gaming headset to have a play with and review.

The G10 features a 7.1 virtual surround sound boosted by 40mm neodymium drivers, which makes for an immersive surround sound experience that almost makes you feel as if you were really in the game. Not only that, but the microphone is designed in such a way that outside noise barely gets picked up and all that will be heard through the mic is your voice and your commands, which is especially handy when streaming games.

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While sound quality is decent, the G10 has nothing on the Plantronics Rig 500X, an equally affordable gaming headset that not only sounded great but looked great and felt incredibly comfortable too. The G10 definitely looked the part of an affordable headset, with a price tag of under $60NZD. Straight out of the box, the headset felt like it was crafted out of relatively cheap plastic. It didn’t help that the version I was reviewing, the camouflage colour variety, wasn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, to me anyway (though I must admit, it does standout and look quite good in the image below).

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Comfort-wise, the rather small size of the ear pads meant that using the headset felt uncomfortable after awhile, despite being made of soft leather with extra-thick padded foam.

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From an overall perspective, the Edifier G10 is a good entry level gaming headset with decent audio quality for gaming and streaming befitting its cost. It is also highly simplified; plug in the headset into a PC or console and away you go. Setup is essentially fuss free, which makes for convenience and ease of use. However, the G10 is not a headset that I would feel too comfortable using for long and the plastic look and feel really does put me off. Perhaps Edifier’s G4 range would be a much better headset to try.  

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