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Gears 5 Multiplayer Review

There’s little doubt that Gears 5 has been a huge success for Xbox, breaking records as the biggest launch title for any Xbox Game Studios’ game for this generation. This is in part due to the game’s different game modes, which not only provides variety, but also entertaining gameplay for gamers of all levels of experience. 

Having reviewed the campaign separately, here, we’ll look at the multiplayer modes available on Gears 5, which include the Escape mode, Horde mode and Versus mode. 

Escape Mode

Multiplayer Review

Gears 5 introduced a brand new three player co-op mode called Escape, wherein players are dropped into a hive and are tasked with clearing the Locust presence. Each character, called Hivebusters, come with different abilities. Leveling up through the game allows you to unlock new weapon loadouts and skills, with skill cards being available to pick up.

Each level of the escape mode requires a good degree of teamwork. The quicker your squad clears the Locusts in each room and ‘escapes’, the higher up the leaderboard you go. Thankfully there are some safe rooms included to allow teams to replenish ammo before taking on a swarm. 

This mode was particularly fun, with a fast pace that didn’t allow much time to just sit around and wait. The fact that you can play as Sarah Connor from Terminator: Dark Fate and fight off T-800s is a nice addition. 

Those wanting to test their abilities and that of their characters will have a superb time playing this mode. One of the best parts of this mode is that it allows beginners to learn the game while being able to improve their skills at the same time. Another, is that the mode allows you to build your own map, upload it onto the server and allow other gamers to give your map a try. Think Super Mario Maker 2 but for Gears 5.

Horde Mode

Multiplayer Review

This multiplayer mode sees you taking on a swarm of enemies in waves of increasingly challenging Locusts. Unlike previous games’ Horde modes, Gears 5’s version gives each character unique Ultimate abilities making it rather fun to play as different characters. There are also perks available, which progresses as each match passes. 

This mode is particularly fun to play with friends but can be a little challenging when playing with strangers. Due to the increasing difficulty, it can be quite important to have a solid team to play with rather than matchmake with a group of strangers. 

Though I particularly enjoyed trying out the different skills of each character, I did struggle to connect with the strangers I played with, and that made it quite challenging to play. Unlike the Campaign or Escape mode, I found myself growing quite tired with Horde relatively quickly and believe that I would have had a lot more fun if I played with a trusted team of friends. 

Versus Mode

Multiplayer Review

Gear 5’s Versus mode is essentially its multiplayer PvP mode and like Horde mode, includes an Ultimate ability for each character. The quick pace and chaos that can ensue from this mode makes for a lot of fun, depending on your level of experience. 

Because of my rather novice skills, especially when it comes to PvP games, I wasn’t particularly fond of playing Versus, however more seasoned gamers will certainly find the mode exceptionally thrilling. 

The co-op version of the Versus mode, which allows you to play with bots, is a great way for beginners to get a sense and feel for the game and the PvP mode. Not only that but you are rewarded for multiple deaths too, so, if you’re like me and aren’t the best gamer, there’s still something in it for you. 


The variety that Gears 5 offers is truly one of the more captivating aspects of the game, allowing players the ability to play different playstyles and experience the title in different ways. There’s something for everyone, which makes the game accessible to all, something that I don’t often get to enjoy with a lot of games. Gears 5 has quickly become one of my favourite titles, purely because it’s not a game that is built solely for Gears of War fans. The way in which Gears 5 has been made allows even those new to the Gears franchise to jump in and enjoy the game.

Together with a fascinating and incredibly crafted campaign mode, Gears 5 is one title that I can foresee myself playing often and one I would highly recommend, especially since it’s free on Xbox Game Pass. 





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