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Gfinity Week 5: The Finals Countdown

Gfinity Week 5

Only one weekend of games stands between now and the semi-finals for the Gfinity Elite Series Australia, presented by Alienware. The competition has reached boiling point and while some clubs will be able to cruise into the finals, others will be fighting for their lives to stay in it and have their chance at a slice of the $225,000 prize pool.

Street Fighter V has the semi-finals slots already decided, but scores are so close that the action promises to be exciting. CS:GO will see the two Sydney clubs wrestling for that last semi-final slot while Rocket League will come down to the wire between Melbourne ORDER and Perth Ground Zero. With so much on the line, there’ll be no shortage of action on show in the Gfinity Australia HOYTS arena this weekend.

  • Melbourne ORDER v Sydney Chiefs
  • Perth Ground Zero v Melbourne Avant
  • Sydney Roar v  Brisbane Deceptors


With the last matches of the regular season upon us, the two Sydney clubs in the Elite Series find themselves in competition for a single semi-finals spot. Though they won’t be facing one another, the Sydney Chiefs must beat favourites Melbourne ORDER to guarantee a spot, or risk losing their placing to Sydney Roar.

Sydney Roar face Brisbane Deceptors, with one win being all they need to make it through the gauntlet should Chiefs fall. While Melbourne Avant and Perth Ground Zero are both locked in for semis, the victor of the match up will take the top spot, a strong advantage ahead of the following week’s single elimination bracket.


For Melbourne ORDER fans, Rocket League could be where the dream of a repeat Season One complete victory will end. Should they fall to the Sydney Chiefs, Perth Ground Zero would simply need to fell Melbourne Avant, currently sitting at the bottom of the table, to qualify for semi-finals.

The uphill battle for ORDER should be a nail biter for fans, but the matchup between Sydney Roar and Brisbane Deceptors will be of vital importance. The winner there will walk away with top spot at the end of the regular season, a strong advantage ahead of the semis elimination bracket.


While the semi-finals clubs are now locked, this week is still important for the top four clubs, Melbourne ORDER, Melbourne Avant, Sydney Chiefs and Perth Ground Zero. Fighting for seeding, the placement will determine their foes in the semi-finals, giving key advantage to whoever walks away with the top spot.

ORDER is in the best spot to deliver revenge by stealing first place back after their narrow loss to Avant last week should Perth find a win against the Avant crew. Brisbane Deceptors and Sydney Chiefs will have this final week to show their skills on stage, with one of the two finally scoring a win. It’s sure to be an explosive weekend as the top four practice against one another, and get some extra trash talk going, ahead of the semis.


For the first time ever, tune in on TwitchYoutubeTwitter, and Facebook to watch every game live. CS:GO kicks off at 3PM Saturdays, with Rocket League starting at 11AM Sunday and Street Fighter V at 4PM Sundays. Rocket League will also be live on 10Peach from 11AM-1PM every Sunday.

All of Season 2’s games will once again be played live in the HOYTS Gfinity Esports Arena in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park Sydney. Tickets for all matches will be available in the coming weeks at

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